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Dental Herb Q focuses on preventing and treating the fundamental causes to strengthen oral health.



* An official U.S. organization approved to this product with respect to safety.

  You will be admired by its great result.



In Asia, one of the five well-being indications of human health is strong oral health, as the health of the gum / teeth is a crucial in maintaining the overall healthy state of the body and immunity. With that in mind, this medicine has been produced using only select natural ingredients following the ways of an effective and proven traditional recipe.








   Q1 - $39




   Bad breath, periodontal diseases, gum bleeding, gum abscess,

       inflammation and general gum pain.


   Cold sores, pain in teeth, tonsillitis


   To prevent the gum disease and maintain healthy teeth


   Prior to brushing teeth, use the equipped teaspoon to scoop

       suggested amount of Dental Herb Q1 to put and hold in mouth

       for 2 minutes. Spit out the content and brush teeth normally



   People with oral cancers can alleviate the symptoms by repeatedly

       applying the Dental Herb Q in the affected area for 5~10 minutes.


   Discontinuation of gingival abscess or periodontal abscess after

       usage of this product has been reported.


   This product is especially recommended for people with diabetes, as

       presence of diabetes likely denotes various additional underlying

       health problems.


(Caution) Do not place a wet toothbrush in the Dental Herb Q container.

(Caution) Remember to close the lid and store in a dry environment after


(Caution) This product contains natural bamboo salt which could cause

              slight saltiness, although harmless to health. It may cause

              soreness and numbness if left in mouth for too long.


   Swallowing the contents of this product does not cause health harm,

      as the medicinal ingredients used in this product are completely

      natural and not chemical.




An herb medication that aims to prevent or treat the root causes of general gum disease.


Effectively removes and treats internal organ disease and toxins through repeated usage.



Helps eliminate internal/stomach problems that causes bad breath



Relieves and treats stomatitis (oral inflammation), tonsillitis and sore throat


Consume 2 to 3 teaspoon worth 30 minutes after each meal


stomatitis, tonsilitis, sore throat


Applying and holding the powder near an affected area in mouth may help relieve various symptoms.


Toxins are created and left in gastric areas when food such as meat

or alcohol is consumed; this product helps break down such built-up toxins.


Overall prevents and eliminates toxins and illness-causing agents

       that exist within the oral and gastric regions.





   Q2 - $39


Net. Wt. 2.6 oz (75g) / Each



 Relieve gum wounds within 3-4 days of use

 Stop pus or periodontitis within a week of usage

 Strengthen a weakened gum after 2 months of usage

 Restore loose teeth with prolonged usage

 Remove tartar

 Stop gum bleeding

 Eliminate bad breath

 Strengthen tooth enamel

 Disinfect oral bacterias and viruses








Dear Dr. Park,


I have been bothered with on and off again pain in my gums and teeth for several years and Dental Herb Q has been a life saver for me.


Every morning, blood was on my toothbrush even with gentle brushing of the teeth. I have visted may dentist in the area to get help but they prescribed an oral mouth rinse and recommended to get pain relief drugs.


Some dentists even recommended to get dentures. I tried all of my usual toothache remedies including chewing on aspirin and using brand topical numbing gels, which offered some relief. But nothing worked like Dental Herb Q.


I will recommend this product to people who have toothache. Thank you for the great product.






( abridged from a long thank you letter )