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Colon Kleen effectively relieves constipation in harmless ways and has no known side-effects.


Many disappointed users of various laxative products have been very satisfied with the result of this product.




 who have used othet laxatives and were not satisfied..

 who have chronic constipation..

 with dry and rough skin

 with headaches and indigestion

 who feel constant residue even after using the bathroom

 who appear to have big lower abdomen and feel bloated




Illness and disease can be caused by toxins produced in the large intestine. Therefore it is important to clean out the intestine to effectively eliminate such root causes of disease.


-Refer to the following suggestions and take pills accordingly before going to bed:


If you go to bathroom once a week, take 7-8 pills before bed

If you go to bathroom once in 3-4 days, take 4-5 pills before bed

If you go to bathroom once in 2-3 daysd, take 3-4 pills before bed.

One Bottle - 130  Tablets



 Psyllium Seed Husks / Alfalfa seed power / Celery fiber powder / Areca Catechu

 Rheum Palmatum / Golden Seal / Corydalis Termata / Licorice Root